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2023 耶鲁中美峰会

2023 Yale US-China Distinguished Colloquium
Chance, Challenge, Chime

        近四十位重量级别嘉宾齐聚全球投资、医疗健康、科技前沿和国际关系四大圆桌论坛。耶鲁大学中美峰会诚邀您来参加,与各界领袖精英们在纽约Yale Club开启精彩中美交流之夜。关注新的一年世界面临的机遇与挑战,在调和之路上寻求两国和平共处、互利共赢。

Welcome Speech:Peter Salovey,耶鲁大学校长兼Chris Argyris心理学教授,Yale ’83 M.S.; Yale ’84 M.Phil.; Yale ’86 PhD

Fireside Talk:黄屏,中华人民共和国驻纽约总领事馆总领事

                        Winston Lord, Former US Ambassador to China, Chairman Emeritus of International Rescue Committee,Yale College Class 1959

                        Robert .D Hormats, Vice Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Inc

Keynote Speeches: Jim Rogers, Co-founder of the Quantum Fund, Yale '64

                                Kenneth R. Chien, Co-Founder, Moderna

                                Alan Patricof, Chairperson & Co-Founder of PrimeTime Partners;Chairman Emeritus & Co-Founder of Greycroft

                                Henry Tang 鄧兆祥, Managing Partner Carnegie Towers Strategic Investment Advisory

                                黄征宇, President of Committee of 100

Penal 1:全球投资 Global Investment

Penal 2:医疗健康 Healthcare


Penal 3:国际关系 International Relations


Penal 4:科技前沿 Innovations


酒会 Cocktail Party, Invite Only

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